Miqhael K. MIQHAEL


It’s love, when the soul is beating with butterfly’s wings,
When the beating of wings the soul as a stream inflates,
When its wings embosom you squashingly
And when reborn alive from no life you will be!
It’s love when the dreaming springs from the wave,
When two hearts as a clock themselves in song are laying,
When you see in the sky stars dancing for you,
When the moon becomes more round and closer by you,
When she makes garlands of flowers with glittering pearls,
Into an old amber she herself changes,
And my heart, asking me simply to kiss you.

Not on my back are rising wings, but in the heart,
I am not dreaming you, my love-heat,
But that I’m dying without you,
That I’m rebirthing in a world new
From you… and that there I’m dying again ’cause I miss,
Being myself rising in a world where you are a flower-kiss,
Dead, dying ’cause you miss me,
But I’m always, from world to world, following you,
You make me be either a butterfly, or a crescent,
A goshawk flying through the petals air,
And the miss for world calls me, calling my end…



Child, are you feeling the time?
We lose the time! You, child in time…
Time is money, you are in time…
You are for money… I am feeling your time,
You are feeling my money.
I am! I am your honey! I am no aim!
You are losing my time,
You are blessing in time.
I am your child, you are my losing-time!
I am your child, you are gone, in the wild…
Go, go in time!
You are a child, the time is wild.
You are a child, I am your crazy ego,
The moon is timing my ego,
My ego is timing for money!..
Hi, this is your ego,
You, crazied mind,
Are you feeling the time?
I am your time,
You, my losing wife!
You are my wine,
My crazy life!
You, my crazy wife,
Are you feeling the time?
Child, are you feeling the time?
We lose the time! You, child in time!
How are you, my timing wife?
No sign of life,
My child with no glory box,
’Cause I am your feeling ox!
Yes, I know that you makes eyes
When you are from a sleep reborn,
Be reborn, you, my child,
You, my beloved time!
How pessimist you are my child,
If don’t believe me I am able
To love such a flower-child,
Which is you, my time gone wild!

Child, are you feeling in time?
You have to love me long time…
Child, I love you all my long line,
You keep the secret,
You keep my pain alive.



Look, the violin sings so mad…
And you kiss me just on my head,
The violin is singing, singing,
You are kissing me, kissing;
My lips are looking for you,
But you look for them too…
Where are you, lips?
Are not, you, on the nipples?
Are not, you, on the skying moon?
Oh, God! You are my savior so soon!
And… the violin is purring,
And you are with me in,
But I am looking for me…
It’s gone… my me… it’s gone…
On the Sky’s throne!



Tick, tick, the clock…
As if they at the door knock,
Looking for me,
Telling me: be!
Tick, tick… my watch
As a door to a garden-beach,
To a dreamingful world,
With no time, with no word!
’Cause in the Orwell’s hell
No word is for us as to tell…
Tell, tell.., dancing beach,
Where to go not to watch,
Not to be rich,
But to be as a water witch?