Carmelia LEONTE



Green, weendy blood
scrawls the page written to no one.
Her love:
dormant magma
in which you wash your hands.
Each character resemples the weeping of the nun
who genuflects
at the sight of the bridegroom.
The living on one side,
the offspring of the living on the other,
and the past,
smothering them all.


Astonishment stamped on its face, the sky clothed us
we awoke as strangers abandoned and anonymous
what was the vast bereavement
kohling the eyes of that creature
who shuffled toward us, cradling a blue baby
in both arms...?


You were a pillar of wounds replenished with rainwater
your body an oasis for wild beasts
grief of death was strippuing the bark from ancient oaks
I circled wildly
 for the path out of the woods


The Greek god stores his garments
in a trunk made of human skin.
You locked the trunk yourself –
a scream through clenched teeth.
Don’t move. Any movement
could unsettle the world byond.
The Greek god keeps silent.
He cannot reveal the past
of blood and language.
His sword falls. The world flashes.
Memory. Repetance.
Would it make any difference
if this petrified face belonged to someone else?

Waters Steal Your Face

Lou! the waters reclaim your face
an earthworm acts as our emissary
Come on Lou! forget death’s spirals
the grave inhabiting you is far more dreary and lonesome

Creation’s hoax infects you
you’re the champion tightrope limper
Come on Lou! Come on Lou! death-hunger
the gravedigger’s shovel inscribed with your name

Ways of Loving (I)

You lifted yozrselves up to the heavens and then descended,
although I’ve never asked anything of you.
You grew petals, then plucked them out;
you grew wings, then severed them,
convinced such sacrifices would bring you salvation.
You loved one another and delivered children
whom you buried hastily,
scratching their numes on tiny crosses.
Now you look at me, humbled, humiliated,
and expect me to whine:
Brothers, beloved ones, help me,
be my tether, my life,
here, now, everywhere,

(Traduceri de Mihaela Moscaliuc si Michael Waters)