Gheorghe GRIGURCU   



Queerly fall from your lip

Queerly fall
from your lip
these words
that can hardly make sense

only the red, the green
and the orange
and the red once again
the painting wonders at them

as if at some drops of water.

When he gets home
When he gets home
he hurries not
to turn on the tv
or skim through the newspaper

 he watches instead, for a few seconds,
the white wall
 consuming like a  stake.

 With much effort
a bird has learnt
to articulate its name

 with much more effort
another bird has learnt
to articulate your very name

the hunters
quite angry to learn
about it
have shot them both dead.

          The Sea
The ruddy sea lies idle
and like an orange that becomes ripe
it basks in the sun.

         The Hills
The hills like snow melt away in the far-off  town full of sorrows
the happening staggers like a man who has drunk
 taken to the police station by a policeman
a bike left in the cold chatters its teeth.

          As if  
As if nothing
Were known
From one leaf
To another

As if nothing
took place
from one butterfly
to another

 as if
the mirrors
looked at themselves
in the mirror

as if
the sun
at the watch.
                              Traduceri de Olimpia IACOB