Dorin POPA

În sfîrsit /At Last

I need to admit
Today I can no longer hide
I need to admit:
I've failed in everything!

But now also,
A thread of hope
Is still nourishing me

What on earth do I still hope?

You've left me at last
And I also have tried
To leave myself
To get free

Sperantã de noiembrie / Hope in November

With the last leaves
Of autumn
I think
I can
At last
Walk to you

I've been waiting
to come before you
For so many autumns
But there's ever been something
preventing me

I close my eyes
Deeply in love
I close my eyes
And I wish
I never opened them again

Un trandafir alb de la tine / A white rose from you
To Mrs. Melania Neamtu

you that deserve
all roses
in the world,
you that within you
look like my grandmother
like my mother
like my sister
you gave me
a white rose

a white rose
stands before me
like a prayer,
like a question mark
like a tear shed
for the next sins
and like a promise
that there's not all lost

against us is the whole world
against us are the past, the present and the future
against us are our children
against us are we ourselves
a white rose alone dares not to be against us

Nu mã pãrãsi / Do not leave me

I know you'll forget nothing
My princess, my queen
The cold and your absence
Will keep me warm

My instants so long will be
From now on

To me from now on
There will ever be December
December so protecting
The maddening December

Love-sick of you
I can no longer touch anything
For all seems to me
That it's you

You are high and low
You cover the horizon, my life
And this amazing December

I know it's useless
To ask you
Not to leave me
And yet.

After my death
You'll be found in me
My tomb
Will be
Your tomb

Do not leave me

I hold you by the hand
And I do know you've left me
For good
Do not leave me!'

all springs before me
calling your name
my princess, my queen
loneliness in white
madness in white
distress in white

did I really kill myself
when I first met you?

Mîinile unui strãin pe umerii tãi / The hands of a stranger on your shoulders

As if bound to a cross
And fastened with thick nails
As if looked at a world
That was about to crash
The next moment

I tensely looked
At the end
Of my worlds
I can no longer
Be myself

What shall I rely on?
How shall I rely on?
Why shall I rely on?

The tears of the one
I threw stones at
Long ago

Keep falling down
On my

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