Contemporary poets from Basarabia 

Dumitru CRUDU

Akvika II


You stay right here and tonight you’re afraid that you won’t sleep, that
You’ll go crazy, „we all go crazy at nightfall”, you
Stop in the middle of the road, „those naked children want to see the sun,’’ when
You can’t cry, you want
To see the sun,
You want to see the sun,
When you can’t cry, not even over marius ianus.

We want to see something together We want to see something together
My heart fills as full of blood as marius ianus’s heart
My eyes my eyes where are they who could have loved me
My eyes my eyes where are they who could have told me
Where are they

Suffering is more powerful than anything in this world
More than I myself, for instance
More than my hands
More than my toes

And you’d like to go out into the street and you’d like to see
What always passed you by
What you’ve never had

But now you stay right here you’re afraid and nobody appears
To embrace you to tell you look here’s light look here’s light
It won’t ever come.


Now everything should change but at this moment nothing’s changing
Remember henri too remember henri
Watch the air watch the clouds remember henri
You can’t be lonely here the clouds wrap all around you
I know you can’t smile I know you can’t smile
The night feels welcoming its doors have been thrown open
All its doors are wide open

Who could tell this who
Could repeat this
Now I’ll look at what I’m most afraid of
Who could tell about this
Has akvika a name
Has akvika a name
I’ll see her at the lighted window I’ll see her
After the doors have been shut and locked
Remember henri too
No don’t forget henri
When you enter a deserted house
Where there’s no one absolutely no one
And no one’s ever going to be there.


Now you also know there are people who don’t love you akvika
Who hide behind the curtains of violet who hide to
Peer at you

I saw mice dead
I saw mice gone out of their minds
I saw lonely people akvika

When you open the door you’ll know it was
Senseless to open it
You’ll see however you’ll see that the snow
Doesn’t suffer in the least
The stone doesn’t suffer
These thoughts
Aren’t mine
I understand that and, in an instant,
Become inordinately happy.


You come to be a fool. You come to sit on a chair at the entrance
And drink kinley. You come to stay in front of a shut door and stare into the void

Who knows anything about me?
Who’s interested in who I am?

I wanted to buy a sweater, but then I threw it away in the sewer
We did this together just once in our lives

I wanted to talk about the void and I began
To talk about me

I wanted to talk about the mud in the streets and I began to talk about me
We did this together just once in our lives
And then I burst into tears

It’ll be much better let’s talk about us
But we talk about the mud in the streets