Dumitru CERNA   

The snow feels weary
with lying on the flimsy roof
of mankind

my childhood

silence wet
as the eyes of the people in love
in the full moon
Resurrection tremble

pyre burning in the skies
steam sprouted in the ground
of the graves
Our Lord asks advice
of the poets

fortunes rust
like the palm of the chestnut leaf
in november
the word alone
like the mind of a pharaoh
turns into spirit

total eclipse
of the moon
another poet
has passed away

the agony of the maidens
the magnolia fades away
watched over
by the moon

like the nail into the flesh
the word is grafted upon
the poet
and hurts him

crocodile eggs
in the mankind’s nests
life and danger
have sprouted

we bear our rolling
like snails like tortoises
like pumpkins
Golgotha smiles

the hail falls down
on mankind
God’s prayers
are still

magnolia scion
united with the rotten body
of mankind
restless poem
a sour crack
in the built-in heart
of a woman

the magnolia
is in blossom
 the last ritual
of mercy
        From the volume Poeme Translucide / Translucent,
 Atlas-Clusium Publishing House, 1996, Cluj-Napoca
English version by Olimpia Iacob